The Night before the Port

So folks here we are again in Salt Lake City.  Tomorrow I will have IV Port implant surgically installed. Continue reading The Night before the Port


Learning the ropes

When my wife and I came to Salt Lake City, we began to learn our way around.  Not only did it take a few wrong turns to decide that my wife would be a better driver in the city, but we also learned the (HCI) Huntsman Cancer Institution layout as well.  The process of learning what is what began. Continue reading Learning the ropes

Diagnoses Day

The day that I was told that I have cancer was a day that I’ll never forget.  Watching the tears well up in my Wife’s eyes as she sat there trying to be strong; hurt like hell.  Hearing the joy of a Friend’s voice, that I hadn’t talked to in a while, drain and turn into sadness; just plain sucks.  Seeing the pain in my Family’s eyes as we sat there talking about it; well let’s just say that I haven’t found a word to describe it yet. Continue reading Diagnoses Day