About not working

So now it’s official.  I am unemployed.  I never thought that I would enter this category, in the method that I did.  I thought maybe due to the fall in oil prices, or maybe an injury.  I never thought it would be because I became a liability, or the pain would be too severe, or the cold would get to me, or the amount of time I have to spend at home hooked up to a bag of chemicals, and worst of all, that I just couldn’t do the work.  If I had anything to bitch about having cancer, it would be not working. Continue reading About not working

Classified Challenge

How would You classify yourself?  Stop and think about that for just a minute before answering.  Would you begin by putting yourself in a category, one of those “I am this type of person”?  Or would you ponder on the “How” part?  Let’s talk about that for just a moment, then we’ll get into the juicy part of this post. Continue reading Classified Challenge

Just another Friday Morning

As I sit here this morning reflecting on this past week, I find myself to be in a much better mood even though it is 4 am.  This past week of chemo was yet again a different experience.  Monday was infusion day, the doctors added more pre-medications and infusion took an extra hour.  No big deal.  It gave me time to watch a movie and meet a couple more people.  My Wife and Mother came with me.  They got bored so I sent them on a mission.  Earlier that morning they had mentioned that they would like to find a second hand store and do some browsing.  So I programmed the GPS for a really expensive joint.  Long story short they had a good laugh and did actually find a couple of places to browse.  They didn’t buy anything, but they at least weren’t bored.

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Geocaching and Cancer

One of our favorite things to do is a little game called “Geocaching”.  My wife and I started caching almost three years ago.  We have found 292 caches so far.  We have hidden over 50 of them.  What the game is all about is adventure.  Someone places an item called a “Cache” somewhere out in the world.  The object of the game is to get the coordinates to the cache and then go find it.  Using a GPS or a smart phone with the app is the easiest way to play.  Once you find it, you sign a log sheet and trade an item (if the cache is big enough to have items in it) or drop off these things called “Travel Bugs”.  There are over 2 million caches out in the world.  There are many different elements to the game.  Some caches are events or puzzles, virtual tours, etc.

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