A little Catch-up

As I sit here writing this post, several things are happening.  My ears are jamming to the Dave Matthews Band.  My wife is sleeping on the couch, with the AC on.  I’m freezing but if I shut the AC down or turn the thermostat down, then we both will rost.  Funny how this day is going.  Not funny as in ha ha, but rather the irony sort of day.  I’ve ever been able to connect to the internet from this spot in the RV but today I thought what the hell and wouldn’t you know it.  INTERNET!!! Continue reading A little Catch-up


The Weekend of 41

As this weekend begins I am 41, and as this weekend ends I will be 42.  Many things have happened in my 41st year of life.  Much of which I have already shared.  The things that have happened towards the end of the 41st year I have not shared.  Until now. Continue reading The Weekend of 41