A Port mishap

So there I was, watching the Lab Technician pumping away on a syringe that is connected to my port.  She was pumping frantically, hoping to see blood.  I smiled at her and began to laugh. You have to admire a person that is showing concern for you, even though you only see this person 4 or 5 times a year, and you see them at work.  Now I don’t know the Lab Tech personally, but I do know her name and we have talked.  I see Bridget once every three months.  She gets my port ready for my infusion and takes my blood for the lab tests before my treatments.  She is a real friendly person, and she always wants a hug when you go back into her lab area.

Today my port was plugged.  I had a small clot preventing her from getting blood for the tests.  She worked her magic on the port for about five minutes.  She had me on my side, upside down, turning my head to cough real hard, and she even had me puff up my chest real big.  If someone would have walked into the room they would have laughed.  The look on her face made me laugh, I couldn’t help it.  She was really concerned and then when she figured out why I was smiling, she began to laugh as well.

One of the things that I have learned while battling cancer is that you have to have a sense of humor.  If all you do is bitch and moan about things, then you are going to miss the funny things that tend to pop up.  Going to the Huntsman Cancer Institute has been an eye opening experience.  Most of the staff there is friendly and they do actually care about their patience.  They also tend to laugh.  That is what I like most of all about the place.  They are smart and have figured out lots of ways to fight cancer, but they also have fun doing it.

I asked Bridget what could happen if she couldn’t get the port unplugged.  She told me not to worry, she had another trick up her sleeve.  She also told me that if she couldn’t get it then she would have to order an emergency surgery to fix it.  It could get serious.  Luckily for me, she got it unplugged.  The few times I have gotten to talk with her, we have learned a lot about each other.  She takes pride in knowing the people she takes blood from.  I like that about her, she has pride in her work.  Something that is missing in a lot of people.

So my test went well.  We get the results tomorrow.  I get to know if the treatment is working or not.  If so, then we keep going as planned.  If not, then we either add chemo or radiation.  I was the first person to get Radiation and Keytruda mixture as my treatment.  So far so good.  This gene therapy drug (also known as Immune Booster Therapy) is working wonders.  Keytruda has been known to work wonders for Lung Cancer and it is paving the way in other types of cancer battles.

Well my friend, I am going to go.  My Wife rented Mr. Church with Eddie Murphy, so we are going to watch it and have something to munch on.  So until next time, Take it easy!


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