A time for a change

Over the past several months I have been fighting with my stint.  My esophagus can’t stay open on it’s own, so they installed a stint to help keep it open.  At one point I had two of them in there.  Now I have three.  Two of which have migrated into my stomach and has caused some major damage to my esophagus.  In an attempt to fix itself, my esophagus creates this layer of mucus that is suppose to help it heal.  What one of the side-effects is that the amount of mucus it creates causes nausea.  That sucks a lot, because it is from the continuous vomiting that has caused the original stints to migrate into my stomach. So now I have to watch what I eat, how I eat, and the amount of what I eat.  I can’t just gorge myself until I’m full, that causes a lot of pain and creates a big mess.

I have recently found a system that works (so far at least).  I will continue to try it.

Enough about me.  What I just told you is the latest and greatest events in my life and dealing with cancer.  Of Course there have been other developments in my life.  We’ll get to those in a bit.  For right now though, I want to hear from you folks.  I don’t want wishes or prayers at this moment.  I want to get to know you better.  It’s time for a change.  Some of you I don’t have the luxury of spending time with in person.  So I’m giving you the chance to tell me your story.  Feel free to talk about whatever is on your mind.  Hell if you have any suggestions for me or others let me know.  Now of Course the comments will be moderated and checked before I can allow them to be published.  Have a little faith in me here.  All I’m looking for are the don’ts in writing a blog.  So no information on how to get a hold of someone to do them harm or to bully anyone.  Other than that the rules are simple.  Cussing is OK, calling someone out is not.  Don’t give out personal contact information unless it’s vital for communicational purposes of this blog.  As long as you don’t break any rules, your comment will be posted.  It may take me a day or two to get through them all (that’s if any of you feel like sharing).  I encourage you to do so, it helps me alot and it might help you too.

Speaking of a time for a change; my oldest daughter has come to stay with us for a while.  She had gotten herself in a bad situation in life and decided that she needed some help.  Now we don’t have a lot to offer her, but what we do have she is entitled to and she is using it well.  Not all help comes in the form of financial aid.  What she needs is moral support, spiritual support, physical support and her parent’s love.  Well she is getting that.  All we asked of her was to be honest with us and more importantly, to be honest with herself.  She is still a young adult and she is still trying to figure out her life.  Aren’t we all?  She has a pretty good work ethic about her.  She works hard when she wants to, and yes she does make mistakes in life.  Now though she has begun to realize that the choices she has made have consequences that she must face instead of run from.  I wish her the best.  She knows that her parents are here for her.  She knows that her entire family is there for her.

So what else is new in the world according to Kurth?  I have another PET Scan later this month.  I believe it is the day after the full eclipse this month.  We do plan on being at my folks place for the event.  It should be cool, even though it will only last for a couple of minutes.  I’m still writing a story, even though sometimes I get distracted or just blab on and have to spend a great deal of time editing.  No problem though, I’m having fun writing the story and I hope that some of you will enjoy reading it.  I must warn you that it is a creature story.  Oh yes there will be monsters and a lot of death.  I’m approaching the monster in the same aspect as they did in the movie Jaws.  You’ll know it’s there, but you won’t see it until the final act.  Hopefully that works out well.  So if you’re easily frightened or grossed out I recommend not reading it.  It will be an Nook exclusive, but you will be able to read it on any device that you can install the Nook Reader on.  It should be ready in October.  Maybe on Friday the 13th, 2017.  How cool would that be?

Again my friends it has been one hell of a journey, this life with cancer.  I know that I would have had a much tougher time managing it, if it wasn’t for the support that I have received from friends, family, and folks like you.  So if there is anything that you need help with that deals with living with cancer, please let me know.  I might be able to help you find help or find that question that your doctor should have been asked.  I wish I could help out financially but I can’t at the moment.  So if there is anything else that you think that I can help with, feel free to ask me.  I will try my best to help you.