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Hello Friend,

Let me be the first (and probably the only person) to welcome you to this blog.  I appreciate the fact that you took the time to visit the site and this page.

I was born in 1974.  I have spent most of my life, living in Wyoming.  Sure I have lived in several different towns within the state, but I do call the Wind River Reservation my Home.  No town in particular but rather the whole reservation.  Every time I have left the area (be it for a day or a year), when I see the Wind River mountain range that rises above the western edge of Fremont county; I feel a peaceful embrace engulf me and welcome me back.  My Father is a Native American and my Mother’s Family is from Germany.  I grew up knowing of the Shoshone history as well as the Arapaho history.  My parents never forced any religion upon myself or my sisters, of which I have two.  So there has never been a particular religion that I have practiced.  I do believe in God and speak to him on a daily basis, even though I do not belong to a church.

I spent some time in the Navy in the 90’s.  I have spent most of my adult life working in the Oil & Gas industry.  I have recently found that being home during the work day rather odd.  We’ll get into that a bit later.  I have had other jobs in the past.  The ones I will mention here are the ones that the experiences have stuck with me; I’ve worked with children with mental disabilities, a movie theater, a flower shop, fought forest fires, did some mechanics in a shop, fished in the Bearing Sea, and even helped restore a monument in Montana.

I spend a lot of time with my Wife Raenae.  We enjoy Geocaching, reading, audio-books on road trips (which we take quit a bit here recently).  I enjoy fishing, writing, photography, astronomy, and video games.  Yes I do play games, even at my age.  A guy with an imagination like mine needs something to do during the painful days or when it’s really cold outside.

My Wife and I have a child together and one each that isn’t.  One child has Down-syndrome, and he is a challenge in life that I enjoy very much.  His mental state will always be that of a child, which in turn lets me act like a child when we are together.  His medical conditions have prepared us for the challenge we are currently facing, and for that I am grateful.  One child I don’t get to see very much.  The situation with her is a complicated one, but one that has benefited her in the long run.  There are some questions as to whether she is biologically mine or not.  Even though I may never know the answer to that question, I will always think of her as once being my daughter.  She lives with her biological Grandparents, and I know that they raised her better than I ever could have.  The child that my Wife and I do have together is a Transgender Adult now, a challenge in and of itself, but we love Shelby no matter what.

I was diagnosed with Esophageal Cancer in November of 2015.  My Wife is also a Cancer Survivor.  This is a road that is both new and somewhat familiar to us.  Her cancer was more local, as to where mine has spread.  We don’t compare one as worse than the other.  We are Survivors and we will get through this battle one day at a time.

I have decided to do this blog for a personal reasons, and I will assure you that receiving pity is not one of them.  I do not look at this in a negative manner.  You will never hear me say “poor me” or ask “Why is this happening to me”.  “It is what it is, and I have moved on.”  I use to have to deal with physical pains in my back and neck, until I had surgery on my neck in November of 2014.  I had to deal with that pain for more then a decade.  I still worked and played even when in pain.  Not as good as I may lead you on to believe, but hey, that’s why I’m here.  To entertain you.  I won’t lie to you, but I might leave somethings out.  I’ve learned how to make things interesting to a point.

I hope that you find this blog and the posts within it entertaining or at least can connect with something.  I encourage you to comment or reply hell you can even share the posts I write with others.  I look forward to meeting you and reading what you have to say.  To share my experiences with you, dear reader is why this blog exists.



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