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I’ll talk about life experiences (non-cancer) with a twist

Projects that fall off of the grid.

In past issues, we learned that I was working on some interesting projects.  Well while dealing with medical issues (this is not a cop-out…..Not really) I have spent a lot of time away from my computer, notebooks, and such items.  In other words, all the projects that I was working on came to a complete stop.  In my absence, those projects have either changed in some form or another or I have lost interest in them all together. Continue reading Projects that fall off of the grid.


A little Catch-up

As I sit here writing this post, several things are happening.  My ears are jamming to the Dave Matthews Band.  My wife is sleeping on the couch, with the AC on.  I’m freezing but if I shut the AC down or turn the thermostat down, then we both will rost.  Funny how this day is going.  Not funny as in ha ha, but rather the irony sort of day.  I’ve ever been able to connect to the internet from this spot in the RV but today I thought what the hell and wouldn’t you know it.  INTERNET!!! Continue reading A little Catch-up

Throne sittings

So what things do you do while sitting on the throne? Besides the obvious there Capitan SmartArse! When the stomach bug gets a hold of ya, you might end up spending a great deal of time in the bathroom. So maybe not all of it is spent on the throne. Heck you might have to spend some time cleaning yourself up or replaciing the wax ring that goes under the toilet. Are you wondering what the hell was I doing that required me to replace the wax ring? Well there skippy, it was just a thought I had when I was using a public restroom in the park. You know when the throne wiggles when you sit on it, it probably needs some attention.
So anyway, what do you do? Read a book? I’ve actually finished three books that way. Take a nap? Yup, I’ve caught up on some sleep. Get on your cellphone? I’ve checked many a Facebook posts. How about praying? The lord and I have had some pretty good conversations.
So I was just wondering what you did. No I’m not on the throne now, I’m waiting in infusion. So hit the comment section and spill the beans.