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A Port mishap

So there I was, watching the Lab Technician pumping away on a syringe that is connected to my port.  She was pumping frantically, hoping to see blood.  I smiled at her and began to laugh. Continue reading A Port mishap


It’s Been Awhile

The title of this blog, is also a title of a song by a band named Staind.  I don’t remember how nasty we have agreed to get here on the blogs, so for now I’ll just play it safe and do a little censoring of my own words.  During the song Aaron Lewis (Lead Singer) rants on about his day or whatever.  “It’s been awhile, since I saw her pretty face,” and “It’s been awhile, since I’ve gone and f**ked things up just I always do.”  Well my friends like it or not this is pretty much how I have been feeling over the past few months. Continue reading It’s Been Awhile

Sickness and Ideas

One thing about having cancer is that getting things set up is an ongoing process.  I could see why some people chose to just deal with cancer on their own terms.  There is a lot of paperwork.  I bet We’ve done enough paperwork to supply a small army with ass wipe for a month.  What’s funny about it is that if I fill out the forms, then I’m sure a mental hospital will eventually get involved.  Who really puts alien abductions and skittle farting unicorns onto medical forms?  Well I do.  I get so bored with some of these forms that I have to add some humor to them.  Come on!  Why ask a person, “Why do you think you have cancer?”  When a person is going through this shit, one tends to forget about all the other shit in life that use to get your panties in an up roar.  I don’t have to deal with the crap I use to simply because I don’t do a lot of stuff anymore.  I wouldn’t say I miss those things.  I do miss leaving the house every morning.

OK here’s a typical day.  You don’t really want to laugh too hard, or have a sneeze fit, or the hiccups.  When those things arrive, you better be close to a shitter or have on depends.  The slightest jolt could send another sensation to your drawers or possibly through them.  Have you ever been so sick or disoriented that you don’t know if your gonna puke, shit, piss, sneeze, or blow chunks everywhere while sitting on the throne?  Well I have.  It’s not a fun scenario but at least I found some humor in it while lying on the bathroom floor.  A new invention idea popped into my head recently.  Add a garbage disposal to a tub.  That way when you feel like what I described above, you can lay in the tub and just the good times flow.

Another thing one should do is have someone else to talk to about ideas.  When your brain is on so many different drugs and stuff, your ideas may seems cool at the moment, but they really do suck.  Imagine a world if you will, where all vehicles had shitters in them.  What a smelly road we would travel on.  I thought of this while on the road and not really knowing where we were.

Hopefully you guys had a good laugh.

Motivation is key.

The deal with waiting is the questions begin to emerge in different ways.  I still haven’t heard anything.  My Dr. said that the pains should be getting better and not worse.  So what does that mean?  Only time will tell.  This morning I have the opportunity to listen to my music channel on SiriusXM.  I haven’t heard that channel in a long time.  I use to jam to it at work.  I miss those days.

So today I feel like crap.  I feel like I have the flu.  I don’t have a temperature or anything, so that is good.  I don’t need to see a doctor today….knock on wood.  I hope this passes soon.  I have some stuff that I would (no need) to get done.  I don’t think I need help today.  If I do I will call people.  So since I got my jams working in the house (finally!), I might be able to get motivated in the right direction.  Music has helped me in the past.

So what do you guys do to get motivated?

I’m also going to shave!  Damn this mug is getting pretty hairy and itchy!  I kissed my wife and my whiskers poked her…LOL.  The grey is kinda cool, but the patchy stuff is wrong.  IS that the chemo?  Who knows.  I’m losing the hair on my noodle.  I think that has more to do with age then chemo.  Oh yeah…Papa Roach!

Alright I’m out of here.  If I hear from the doc, I’ll let you all know.