Thanksgiving and Kindness

My Wife and I went to my Parent’s house for Thanksgiving.  I didn’t make it a well known fact, and here is why.  My diagnosis has been going on for a year now, well over a year but really who is counting the days.  So I figured that the people in my life that really cared about me and not some ego rating on Facebook or Life would show up.  Sure enough the ones that really cared showed up and I’m not 100 percent sure that they won’t post shit on line.  I would be OK with it. Continue reading Thanksgiving and Kindness


Projects that fall off of the grid.

In past issues, we learned that I was working on some interesting projects.  Well while dealing with medical issues (this is not a cop-out…..Not really) I have spent a lot of time away from my computer, notebooks, and such items.  In other words, all the projects that I was working on came to a complete stop.  In my absence, those projects have either changed in some form or another or I have lost interest in them all together. Continue reading Projects that fall off of the grid.

It’s Been Awhile

The title of this blog, is also a title of a song by a band named Staind.  I don’t remember how nasty we have agreed to get here on the blogs, so for now I’ll just play it safe and do a little censoring of my own words.  During the song Aaron Lewis (Lead Singer) rants on about his day or whatever.  “It’s been awhile, since I saw her pretty face,” and “It’s been awhile, since I’ve gone and f**ked things up just I always do.”  Well my friends like it or not this is pretty much how I have been feeling over the past few months. Continue reading It’s Been Awhile

Pain & Dealing with it

When it comes to living with Cancer and Pain, one tends to forget what it is like to live pain free.  For example you’ve been staying home because you don’t feel good, then the day comes that you do feel good and you decide that you are going to go out.  You feel, good so you keep pushing your limits by walking farther or doing more.  Halfway through the day the pain sets back in or it is gradually getting more noticeable.  By the end of the day you are regretting the choice you made.

Continue reading Pain & Dealing with it

A little Catch-up

As I sit here writing this post, several things are happening.  My ears are jamming to the Dave Matthews Band.  My wife is sleeping on the couch, with the AC on.  I’m freezing but if I shut the AC down or turn the thermostat down, then we both will rost.  Funny how this day is going.  Not funny as in ha ha, but rather the irony sort of day.  I’ve ever been able to connect to the internet from this spot in the RV but today I thought what the hell and wouldn’t you know it.  INTERNET!!! Continue reading A little Catch-up

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