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A post that includes my Family

A time for a change

Over the past several months I have been fighting with my stint.  My esophagus can’t stay open on it’s own, so they installed a stint to help keep it open.  At one point I had two of them in there.  Now I have three.  Two of which have migrated into my stomach and has caused some major damage to my esophagus.  In an attempt to fix itself, my esophagus creates this layer of mucus that is suppose to help it heal.  What one of the side-effects is that the amount of mucus it creates causes nausea.  That sucks a lot, because it is from the continuous vomiting that has caused the original stints to migrate into my stomach. Continue reading A time for a change


Thanksgiving and Kindness

My Wife and I went to my Parent’s house for Thanksgiving.  I didn’t make it a well known fact, and here is why.  My diagnosis has been going on for a year now, well over a year but really who is counting the days.  So I figured that the people in my life that really cared about me and not some ego rating on Facebook or Life would show up.  Sure enough the ones that really cared showed up and I’m not 100 percent sure that they won’t post shit on line.  I would be OK with it. Continue reading Thanksgiving and Kindness

It’s Been Awhile

The title of this blog, is also a title of a song by a band named Staind.  I don’t remember how nasty we have agreed to get here on the blogs, so for now I’ll just play it safe and do a little censoring of my own words.  During the song Aaron Lewis (Lead Singer) rants on about his day or whatever.  “It’s been awhile, since I saw her pretty face,” and “It’s been awhile, since I’ve gone and f**ked things up just I always do.”  Well my friends like it or not this is pretty much how I have been feeling over the past few months. Continue reading It’s Been Awhile

Long Overdue!

I’m not sure where I last left off, when it comes to my experiences with living with this cancer.  So I’m just going to chalk it up to a side effect of having chemo-brain.  Are we good with that, dear reader?  I hope so.

So let’s begin by saying that last week I started a new form of chemotherapy.  It has it’s good sides and it’s bad.  For starters, I no longer have to carry a bag of chemo around with me for two extra days (yay!).  I have however been visiting the porcelain altar more frequently than a light-weight at a Frat party gone wrong (boo!). Continue reading Long Overdue!

A humbled form of respect

A long time ago my Father and I had a discussion about how to treat other people.  It wasn’t that “Do onto other, as they have done to you” kind of talk.  What we talked about was the hows and whys of treating people with kindness and respect.  A discussion (like most of them) that has stayed with me through the years.  I have a lot of respect for my Father.  I think of him as a “Kind”, “Educated”, “Family”, “Thoughtful”, “Respectful”, “Hard Working”, “Loving”, and a “Value Oriented” Man.  You could easily combine any of those words or simply just pick one of them and you would be describing my Father.  He is all of those things to me and more.

Continue reading A humbled form of respect