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The topic that got me…

The time for my silence has come to an end.  My silence has been induced by an increase of pain and stress, as well as a lack of giving a shit about my own opinion on the issues that surround us on a daily basis.  It is because of these issues that I have decided to actually get my ass out of bed, off of the sofa, outta my recliner, and out of the self induced coma that I have been in lately. Continue reading The topic that got me…


A time for a change

Over the past several months I have been fighting with my stint.  My esophagus can’t stay open on it’s own, so they installed a stint to help keep it open.  At one point I had two of them in there.  Now I have three.  Two of which have migrated into my stomach and has caused some major damage to my esophagus.  In an attempt to fix itself, my esophagus creates this layer of mucus that is suppose to help it heal.  What one of the side-effects is that the amount of mucus it creates causes nausea.  That sucks a lot, because it is from the continuous vomiting that has caused the original stints to migrate into my stomach. Continue reading A time for a change

Sugarcoating It

What does it mean to “Sugarcoat” something?  Well according to freedictionary.com; sugarcoat means: (as a verb) To make superficially more acceptable or appealing, or To give a deceptively attractive appearance to.  Now let’s put that into the context of this blog.  “Living with Cancer” or better yet, “My experience in life with cancer” which ever one you wish to go with should do just fine.  Just do yourself, myself, and anyone else that will read your comments on this blog a favor.  Actually read the entire blog before jumping to conclusions and think real hard about what you’re going to comment about, you could end up coming across as a careless bastard or simply just a piece of shit.  People should feel free to comment their own true feelings, yeah I agree, hello why do you think that I’m writing a blog about this stuff?  To read what I already wrote and sit here with delusions of grandeur or some shit.  If I wanted to do that, well my friends (hopefully by the end of this blog, I can still call some of you a “friend” or at least my other nickname for you “reader”.) I would simply write a Star Wars story and bask in the glorification that I wrote a story about Jedi and Sith that will never be published as canon and more simply publish it as fanfiction.  So with that out of the way here comes the usual disclaimer:  If you get offended easily, grossed out easily, or simply can’t deal with vulgar vocabulary and descriptive narratives, then stop reading now!  I intend to speak my mind and I will not hold anything back; I will not be sugarcoating this blog.  You have been warned!

Continue reading Sugarcoating It

Thanksgiving and Kindness

My Wife and I went to my Parent’s house for Thanksgiving.  I didn’t make it a well known fact, and here is why.  My diagnosis has been going on for a year now, well over a year but really who is counting the days.  So I figured that the people in my life that really cared about me and not some ego rating on Facebook or Life would show up.  Sure enough the ones that really cared showed up and I’m not 100 percent sure that they won’t post shit on line.  I would be OK with it. Continue reading Thanksgiving and Kindness